January 26, 2008

Ready or not, here I am…

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Hello world. 

I’ve decided to take the plunge, the blog plunge that is.  Last year, my good friend/lifesaver Maggie started her blog and she’s been encouraging me to do the same.  “It’s therapeutic,” she says.  I was skeptical at first, but sure enough, after reading about her journeys (both across the world and in her soul) I began to see that there is actually something to be said about reflecting on your life through online posts. 

So, I decided to start my own.  Last year.  It’s taken me so long to get started because I had to do some research of course (which blog provider should I use?) and then I had to buy a book about blogging (I seriously had anxiety about the fact that I wouldn’t know how to add in links unless I read a chapter on it.)  Then, somewhere between creating my “blog plan” and shopping for a new laptop — because I told myself that I needed a new computer if I wanted to do this blog thing right — I realized I was just avoiding the whole idea.  

Hmmm.  That got me wondering, “Little Girl, what’s up; why don’t you want to do this blog?”  And then it hit me.  Writing this blog will actually require me to reflect on my life, to get to know me – the real me – and to face some of my internal thoughts, fears, (and even more scary sometimes) dreams. 


I’ve been through a lot the last year or so and I’ve been dealing with it by, well, not dealing with it.  So, I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and get to know the real me, one blog at a time. 

I started by creating a definition of myself (see link, Me, Defined).  I imagine this will change from time to time…or at least I hope it will as I get to know myself better and grow with each experience.  

 I also made a list of all the reasons why blogging is a good idea (I know, I make lists for everything, and yes, it is exhausting): 

  1. (this may be the biggest) – I am moving to LA next year for a new job, which I probably won’t write about much due to professional and safety reasons (I’m sure the bloods and crips are into blogging too) and I think having this cite will be a good way for my family and friends to picture my new life on the west coast.  I also imagine I’ll have a lot of “reflecting” to do, being thousands of miles away from home, and may actually have some moments of clarity through blogging.
  2. I can’t stand the sight of my own handwriting, so any sort of traditional diary is out of the question.
  3. Blogging is a reminder to me that my life is, in fact, very interesting, and wonderful.
  4. I’m hoping to develop a very witty internal dialogue with myself (a la Carrie Bradshaw).
  5. I can only work on my “Girl Power” playlist for so long before Gwen and Britney get on my nerves…I need another outlet. 
  6. Sometimes with work, I feel like all I do is read and write (which I love) but that I’m not really ever saying anything.  Here’s the perfect opportunity.
  7. (most importantly) Blogging will not let me abandon myself, which I’ve realized I’ve been doing for a very long time.  I am here to learn about life and me…ready or not. 

So, come along for the ride, if you wish.  Stay as long or as little as you like.  I hope to have some interesting stories to share (indeed, my dating life alone could entertain the masses), some questions to ask, and maybe even an answer or two along the way. 



  1. Maggie said,

    Whoo-hoo! Watch out blog world, here she comes. This “little girl” does nothing little in her life, so before we know it she’ll be nominated for the first blog Pulitzer ever.

    Yay, Little Girl! About freakin’ time. Welcome aboard. Even though we are in different blog camps (blogger vs wordpress, much like the bloods and crypts)we can still be friends.

    And, I can personally attest to her dating life being entertaining….so bookmark this one ladies and gents.

  2. The Owl said,

    Interesting. However I have never known you to be at a loss for words, but I would agree that your hand writing leaves a lot to be desired.

  3. Paolo said,

    LG….I’m so proud of you.
    You are a wonderful girl….and I’m one of your fans…ok? Enjoy each day of your life and go ahead like your are doing now…you are on the right road….with love…
    your friend Polpetta!!!!!!!

  4. Emily said,

    You will love blogging, I know I do, it keeps you honest to yourself and you always have a real-time record of the ups and downs that life throws.
    View your comments as your cheering section, we love you so much and completely support you in this and your up and coming adventures.
    Love you,

  5. Brandy Udashen (John Parker's Girlfriend) said,

    Girlfriend, you need to be the story teller on Sex and The City… Can’t wait to read more!!!

  6. Hey girlie!! Sounds like your readers are in for some kind of story… Can’t wait to read more!!!!

  7. BM said,

    Well, this is going to be fun! I will probably (definitely) make fun of you at some point, but only because I love you!

  8. Sherri said,

    Welcome aboard LG! I am so excited to hear about what is going on since we do not get to see each other much. How about these crazy, busy lives we lead?!

    You are such a wonderful person, and I have had some really fun times with you during college, ones that I will never forget! So, enjoy and I hope you will realize that you were, are, and always will be a great person!!!

  9. Tiff said,

    really good to see you here. i can’t wait to read more. miss you loads.

  10. Kaeri said,

    I have to admit, I have no clue about blogging, so I will enjoying learning about this through you! Funny an email came up from you… I was just thinking this week what you had been up to…congrats on your job!

  11. CiCi said,

    Welcome to the blog bandwagon! Can’t wait to read about your adventures and watch you get to know the wonderful self that everyone else knows that you are!! Have fun with it and remember to throw caution to the wind…you just might be surprised how much lighter the journey is without it!

  12. Dan said,

    I’m totally subscribing.

  13. Mom/2 said,

    You are most definitely bookmarked with J & I. Will much enjoy reading of your journeys through the remarkable 30’s! Enjoy, learn and love! Tanya

  14. career counselor and big fan said,

    You are so cool, you will always be cool to Bug. I know you have no time, but another good book is Odd Girl Out by Rachel Simmons.

    I look forward to reading more and know you will be a fabulous addition no matter where you are! Thanks for including us.

  15. Carli said,

    Well if you can do it…I guess I can too. I have been going back and forth on starting a blog.

    I am so excited for you and your decision to head West. You will love it and you will be sensational! I will miss you but will read up on you often.

    Please remember you are a wild and succulent sister of mine and I am very excited to see you discover yourself!

  16. Jen said,

    hey, i’m so glad you’ve started up your very own blog…now i can keep up with the escapades! you’re a great writer and i can’t wait to see what happens next. xo J

  17. […] started this blog for many reasons, the most important of which was (and is) to learn about myself and make a commitment not to […]

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