June 5, 2008

Which Way to My New Life?

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I’ve always been captivated by maps and globes. There’s some sort of ineffable charm about them, don’t you think? In one swoop of the eyes, you can imagine a journey from here to anywhere… from San Fran to Zambia to South Korea.

Dutch and I collected globes from many of the countries we visited; several were made of materials unique to the region (and, sadly, I don’t know what happened to any of them). And we had a huge map hanging in our office at home. I loved that thing. I looked at it often and wondered if the streets in Antiqua, Guatemala were as beautiful as I remembered, how our drinking buddies in Australia were getting along, and how soon we could get back to Florence for our favorite gelato.

I think maps soothe me because they show “the way.” If you need to get here, you take this road, cross this river, climb this mountain, whatever.  I don’t really care how long or difficult the journey is, it’s just comforting to see the path.

I think I tried to do that with my life for a long time…get it all mapped out so I know what to expect, what to pack, what to wear, what streets to go down, which people to avoid, and — most importantly — where I’ll end up. Needless to say, my efforts always backfired. I’m trying to keep this in mind now since I’m heading out to LA in less than three months. I keep pulling up maps at work and looking at how far it is and how many different roads I could take to get there….but I know what I’m really doing is wondering what my LA life will be like and what kind of woman I’ll become while I’m there. Today I realized that even though I’ll take a map with me for the cross-country journey, I need to try hard not to plan all of that other stuff out, and trust that I’ll end up right where I’m supposed to be.

And in the meantime, I’m enjoying this map that a friend sent me today. Apparently LA has the largest male plurality: 40,000 more single men than women. And although (thanks to the brilliant advice from one of my most loving friends) I’m remembering to live the way I did “before boys mattered” (when I was, like, 7) I can’t say this didn’t bring a smile to my face.



June 3, 2008

Reality Before Roe v. Wade

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Amazing article in the NYT today – I actually feel ethically compelled to share.  (It’s short, but powerful; check it out).   

 Repairing the Damage, Before Roe