Me, Defined

Little Girl.  Lit’-l / Gurl:  [proper noun] 1. a thinker, often to a fault; 2. a coffee, dark chocolate, and chapstick addict; 3. a lover of learning, dancing, and snuggling up in cozy yet feminine pajamas; 4. a fitness instructor who prides herself on being equally tough and pleasant (and mildly humorous) at 6a.m. bootcamp; 5. a thankful daughter, a (often annoying) little sister, and an aunt of the feistiest two-year-old in history; 6. a young attorney with dreams of becoming a highly respected, brilliant advocate with serious sophistication; 7. a lucky friend to some of the most amazing and inspiring people on the planet; 8. a romantic at heart, in search of a sunday kind of love; 9. a liberal and a leo; and 10. by all accounts, a marvelously complex woman.       



  1. donna marple said,

    hi LG—wow you go girl. so good to hear from you. i think of you often. WHAT ?? you are moving to LA ? i need more details…like is it permanent ? do you know anyone out there, etc ?

    updates from LG-land plz.

  2. Maggie said,

    11. una polpetta.

    PS. I need to start writing my name with the phonetic pronunciation while I’m here in Italy. So far, it’s a resouding Meg-ghi.

  3. Brandy Udashen (John Parker's Girlfriend) said,

    Girlfriend, you belong on Sex and The City… maybe as the one who tells the story!!! Can’t wit to read my very own “online” book…

  4. Joe Hallett said,

    Little Girl,

    There’s nothing complex about your laugh. It’s spontaneous and comes from your toes, wonderful to hear at the dinner table — especially ours…anytime. Marie and I already are fans of your blog and will cheer your success in LA and beyond.

    P.S. Marie just looked up una polpetta. Why are you a meatball?

  5. Aunt Lisa said,

    I am along for the journey. How wonderful to watch a adventureous, wide-eyed young girl grow up to be a smart, active, passionate woman. Look around you and see the awesome opportunities and yes, the blunders (aah, also a part of this thing we call life)you have risen above and conquered. LA is just a stopping point along the journey. You will be suprised at all the “friends and relatives” you have when they start coming…I know I did! Love you very much.

  6. Jane Clark said,

    As I have said from the very first meeting of you and your family a LONG TIME AGO….You are kickass!! And so here you go proving my judgement right..and so far you are awesome and kick ass!

    So lets go for the ride and have fun, I’m with you all the way.

  7. Anonymous said,

    What about crazy? Please insert.

  8. Maren said,

    Love the writing! I can’t wait to read more. Let’s get together soon!

  9. Jen said,

    what about fearless demonstrator of 80s dances?

  10. Dormin said,

    What a description…without question you are becoming more and more interesting the more I read about you. Your flaws are most peoples positives. You will get what you want.


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